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totallybiasedbandblog: They did tell us. In a bunch of interviews they said new music was coming out but they were not sure on release dates, and yes there was a lot of silence before the storm, but they did talk about it beforehand.

Oh I know! I’m not hating on the band at all, it’s just different I guess for a lot of us. But I’m one hundred percent grateful they even got a new EP/Album out so I’m not complaining. I’d rather be left in the dark and get new music than kept in the loop for albums to always fall through.

Anonymous: i know ross and ellington's voices are similar, but that was definitely ross's voice. i think they'll give us some previews with all the members until 22

I agree (:

I know they’re a band and they have to do what they want, but it really makes me upset that this whole album and EP came out of the blue, like they didn’t tell us anything about it at all. It just was radio silence for three weeks and then “Oh hey guys, here’s our new album”

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