Checkers anyone? #ThingsAreLookingUp


i’ve come to the painful conclusion that im in love with ross lynch but like it’s not just about him being hot anymore it’s this strong desire to actually be with him and like pretend to laugh at his lame jokes and wake up next to him and watch him sleep and play with his hair and like have playful fights being sure he’d let me win bc he’s so big and im so much smaller and he doesnt want to hurt me and then like go to the park and hold hands and watch cheesy movies and go to the mall and eat ice cream together and cuddle on the couch and make him hug me when im cold and cook together and go to his concerts and support him from backstage and wait for him to be done and kiss him even tho he’s all sweaty and i want to leave hickeys on his neck and laugh when he awkwardly tries to hide them bc he doesnt want the rest of the band to tease him and i want to fall asleep with his arms wrapped around me and his chin on my head and his smell in my nostrils and feel his heart beat faster every time i touch him and listen to music and sing together during car rides and give him back massages when he’s tired and wear his clothes and hear him laugh bc they’re too big for me and i look like im wearing a garbage bag and i want to kiss his nose and argue with him and then have make up sex and i want to see him mad or upset or annoyed and be there for him and i want him to take me to his house and have dinner with his family and hug stormie and mark and hear rocky and riker make fun of us for walking in while we were making out and i want rydel to show me embarrassing pics of him and see him pout and blush and i want to talk with him about marriage and other stuff i consider dumb but that he likes and i want to take selfies doing stupid faces and then get mad at him bc he’d look so annoyingly good anyway and i want him to find my annoying personality adorable and i want him to pick me up from school and go to mcdonalds and i want him to write songs about me and i want to make fun of his insanely big forehead and idk i think im in love with this disturbingly hot mop of blonde hair

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lol ok

Last week filming #TeenBeach2
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